Hi there. Come and meet my friend Jennifer and read some of her work. Jennifer and I both have had pieces chosen for WriteWord’s Anthology, Pangea.

An Anthology of stories by members of Writewords.co.uk

In case you missed these two which I didn’t get round to advertising well:
Hell’s Harem
Just a Matter of Choice

It is difficult to believe as I type this with sleet blowing against the office window, that this was us last week in York, sweltering in 20 degrees under cloudless skies, with firends writer and poet Jennifer Walmsley and her lovely husband Chris. The jacket was only to keep the sun off my arms.

Jennifer, Chris, Oonah, Noel

We took a ride on the river Ouse

It is strange that when I lived in Wales for 14 years I was always within 10 miles of Jennifer but I didn’t know her until I lived 400 miles away and we met in Writewords’ Forums. So we have only met twice and it was a real joy to spend time together and might I add – a right hoot!

Yorkminster is always impressive but it costs £9 these days to get properly impressed it seems.

I didn’t find out how much it cost to get vertigo however. The Jorvik Centre and The Shambles are still my favourites and the National Railway Museum is worth visiting even if you are not a trains sort of person.

We ate at The Ackbar’s and at Piccolino’s. Portions are very large and spicier than we were used to at the first — be warned — but the food is delicious. Portions were about right and equally delicious at the latter but Picolino’s doesn’t come cheap if you like a good wine. I would recommend either for service etc.

Chris and Noel enjoying the sunshine

According to Jennifer this is her best side.

Last year on this date we said goodbye to our pet of 19 years. This is also the date of my late mother’s death 2003 and it’s my eldest sister’s birthday. On the 14th April I celebrate 20 years in this region. The past 20 years have ushered in more personal changes than I would have believed possible. No regrets.

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I disagree. Jennifer is also published in Bewildering Stories and in many other sites. Google her name.

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