Belsay! There’s just no beating it for me and today, even this early in March, the grounds were colourful and full of life.

Here behind the castle, a lawn with crocuses and daffodils. Along the paths early flowering shrubs

in this case a startling burst of purple greeted us followed by some red.
Belsay boasts a large snowdrop variety which has little green spots at the tip of each petal. Also amongst the budding daffs, a beautiful little orchid, and these pretty yellow/green flowers in one of the borders took my eye.

But most of all it was a froggy day — three in the pond:

and one down by the leat right in the middle of the path which Noel managed to see before he stepped on him 🙂 so we chased him into the grass near the lake so nobody else would tread on him either – his lucky day. Would you have noticed him there?

The Leat

and of course the swans were nesting — well not all of them some were busy BEATING MANCHESTER CITY 🙂 in football whilst England was beating the French at Rugby — thus ensuring Wales is still in with a chance — yes I know I am supposed to be Irish! Oggy Oggy Oggy! (rhymes with Froggy) Come on WALES!