Last night in quick succession, I offered my condolences to one person for the loss of her mother and congratulated another on the birth of a grandson. That’s what love is – not the mushy stuff.

In case you missed it As Long As We’re Together was as close as I get to romantic. I prefer the brain as seat of the emotions — but I do have a poem for you. This was written for last week’s Flash Poetry challenge at WriteWords – a site I recommend highly to any of you aspiring writers. More about writing exercise than romance, in this case the challenge was to emulate the style of another poet. I tried an Eliot, a Shapcott and this – my ‘Emily Dickinson’ which seems appropriate to the day and so I give you:

After Emily…
Love is a naked thing that roams
for some warm place to nest,
finding the world alive with stones
cold as a tattered vest

and now and then upon the wind
it catches someone’s song
that yearned and fretted, sought and pined
but now alas is gone.

I never looked to find it here
elusive as it is.
I simply stumbled on when
I looked into your face.

Oonah V Joslin 2012

Our Inspiration at EDP this week takes a romantic turn as well and I do hope you will read today’s poem too by Charles W. Kiley III who had a showcase at EDP in late December 2011.

My prefered viewing will probably be Sleepless in Seattle – a few great comedy moments in that.

I wish you LOVE.

One thing I do like about Valentine’s Day — It’s a good excuse for Champagne