I suppose it was nice while it lasted but the frosts of last week saw them off and now the winter garden looks quite sad – a few small snowdrops are braving the wind.

January is drawing to a close. I must confess it’s a month I like to see the back of but this year at least I have not neglected my resolutions altogether. I have made a good start at the gym. This is the one I go to

Energie Ladies Fitness Energie Ladies Fitness

– a state of the art place with friendly, helpful, non-judgemental staff and best of all it’s Ladies Only and I hope there are no plans to change that – ever! It’s nice for women of a certain age, like myself, to be able to exercise without feeling that our wobbly bits are being ogled!

(I borrowed the phote from their FB Page – click the link above.)

I use most of these machines in my workout. I feel better already – a lot more optimistic in general; my heart beat is slowing, my breathing is improving and I’m sleeping better.

As editor of EDP I have been spending too far too long at the computer in recent years. A bit like that blue half ball in the right of the gym – this is all about finding balance.

Poetry may be beautiful but it’s no substitute for exercise!

Another part part of my resulution started today. 4 bags of unwanted clothing are now ready for recycling.

Cycling and recycling – it’s my theme for the month.