I had a good New Year with a bottle of Champagne and my dear husband to share it with me. True, Champagne doesn’t sgree with me but it’s only once a year – okay maybe twice!

My first Horror of the year is already up along with a photograph to prove that it’s true 😉 Nathan very kindly put the photograph that inspired the story onto the site and you have to admit it looks spooky! There was no light where that ‘orb’ is when I took the photograph but it was snowing at the time, very fine, quick snow – and that’s a clue to the explanation of this particular sighting but I wouldn’t spoil it for the world and so I made up a story instead in the fine old tradition of the New Year Ghost Story and I hope you will enjoy it.

I give you Old Tully Cuthbert

I’m expecting “Fragility! in January’s Static Movement and two poems in Bewildering Stories and after that — we’ll see. I have had a couple of really good nightmares recently… (I shouldn’t have watched Dorian Gray.)

Drop by over the next weeks for updates.

Today I had to rearrange my 1st trip to the gym because of these pesky winds which are blattering everything to bits. It should be good drying weather but your smalls might end up in orbit. Having no desire to terrify passing aliens, I have the tumble drier in action instead and hopfully over the next few weeks, it is I who will be getting smaller. In the meantime do go and read and comment on my story and see that spooky pic and Happy New Year to you all.