Of course everybody does this but maybe it’s not such a bad idea to review the year a little bit – not too much in my case because I get maudlin – friends gone – my little cat too… BooHooHoo – You get the general idea.

On the other hand; old friendships renewed and I made some new friends in 2011.

I suppose my main breakthroughs this year were the publication of Every Day Poets Anthology ONE and my reprise of reading poetry for an audience – plus at a SLAM no less (I didn’t even know what a slam was this time last year…) and several local venues and on You Tube. I had Poem of the Month in Diamond Twig in April. I got my work into 3 Quarterly Reviews at BwS again, I helped judge Microhorror again and I won my second Binnacle Shorts Prize for prose poem “Death of the Father.”

There is much to look forward to in 2012. Every Day Poets Anthology TWO is in process. I hope to meet my co-editor in person before the year is out as well as other colleagues and friends from my cyberlife – my Parallel Oonahverse. I have joined a gym and I will lose this weight and hope to be fitter on Dec 31st 2012 than I can claim to be at present.

Thank you to all my friends everywhere for your support despite the fact that you know me.

Keep writing, reading, smiling and