Microhorror Competition WInners have just been announced. Thanks to everyone for sending. 🙂  I really enjoyed the variety of stories on the theme of Water. Nip along and read the winning entires now.

By Jasmine Gould

Aw that’s good. LOVE IT! Wonderful descriptions and a great pay-off. The writing is tight and descriptive too – poetic in places.

“As he lay beneath the pelt his thirst was quenched by the endless sea. He felt the pressure of deep dives, savoured the crunch of herring fresh in his sharp teeth, the swell of the sea as it cradled his sleeping body. The black-eyed seal-maid floated at the edge of his vision, a soft presence as his senses swam in her strange waters.”

Nor Any Drop to Drink
By Michelle King

A most unusual story of rehabilitated vampirism and I love that threat at the end that she might slip back – a bit like substitute heroine. Nicely written too the way determination turns to fear.

The View From the Top
By Justin Pollock

Playing miniature golf while others drown – a right couple of Neros. It’s well written and the ending is so very stark. Some good, piteous detail. I liked the apocalyptic scope of it – a thought that is not in itself fresh, but the characters were so good.

I couldn’t not join in just because I can’t win and so here is another  of mine.  Long Memory

I have an evil tale called “Ritual” in Doorknobs and Bodypaint; Issue 64, (along with my friend and mentor, John Ritchie, whose story I hope you will also read.)

The Linnet’s Wings will be up on 16th December — with a fictionalised memoir (not the whole truth) and my tribute to… No, I’ll let you work it out from the title “I’d Love a…”.   

Apollo’s Lyre is publishing “Nobody in the Room” — it’s my first time there

and Bewildering Stories has me scheduled twice in December along with two more friends of mine David Harker and Sandra Crook (who was one of last year’s Microhorror winners). I’ll place links to all these as they go live and I do hope you’ll enjoy reading them.