Yesterday Health Minister Simon Burns compared 38 Degrees members to zombies – for emailing our own MPs about risks to the NHS! The minister clearly has no respect for the voting public and the voting public should duly take note because when a minister takes recourse to insults he can have no reasoned argument for his policies. Mr Burns does not need the NHS. Mr Burns and his fellow ministers, many of them millionnaires, is doing very nicely thank you. Mr Burns would consult a Harley Street specialist and take up a private room in a National Health Hospital were he to require urgent care and no doubt his Insurance scheme would foot most of the bill. Mr Burns thinks we should all be responsible for our own care and that he should have no duty of care towards us. But this is NOT America. People here have paid, not into private health schemes but into the NHS. Therefore the current government thinking is disastrous to all who, having paid in all their lives are now on pensions and cannot afford Private Insurance – Private Insurance whose chief benefactors are not the public who pay into the scheme but the shareholders to whom they are accountable. Thus profits would go to… Ah well to be honest the likes of Mr Burns who can afford SHARES in such schemes.

For the wealthy this is a win-win situation. For the rest of us, for the MAJORITY of us workers, it’s a real threat. Perhaps we will return to the workhouse and the asylum – where does one put ZOMBIES?

Mr Burns, there are a lot of us zombies out there and this one has it’s bloodshot eye on you.

Maybe I’ve been reading too many horror stories but the real horror is that people like these are in charge of our NHS. It’s enough to make you burst a blood vessel!!!