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Also look out here for a link to “The Last Syllable of Recorded Time” at BwS on Monday 🙂  and in case you missed it: Root Of Evil... is live at MicroHorror and only a few days of our competition left! And don’t forget to nip over to Every Day Poets for our spooky Hallowe’en poems.

A great time was had by all at the Poetry Library in Morpeth on Tuesday 25th. Kate Tym gave us a saucy rendering of her verse including from her new book Invisible Woman. Amanda Baker and Kate Tym have some lovely children’s books if you’re looking for Christmas gifts – click their link.
There was a Limerick Contest – subject Jamie Oliver – which Kate’s mother actually won but she donated the prize 🙂 and 4 readers including my friends Gene Groves and Michael Brett and Virginia Apted whom I hadn’t met before, strutted their stuff. I chose GHOSTS as my theme – it being Hallowe’en. Read this one of which I am rather fond.
21st Century Reali -T.V.

What’s with the candle in the night trick?
Is something wrong with the electric?

Who-o-oh! I’m scared.
It’s really spo-oky here.

That token blonde’ll S H R I E K at anything
even the red light on the coffee pot.
I notice they didn’t cut the power to that!

Ghosts like it dark and quiet.
So they’ve brought
a TV crew,
sound man,

(Okay so maybe I am a little pale…)

psychic investigators
the lot
and of course, the token shrieking blonde.

It’s a riot!

That infrared camera makes their eyes glow
a damned sight spookier than any ghost
I know.

Everyone here is filming everyone else
using the very latest
in high tech
but no electric

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Any intelligent life?

Tell you what… I’ve had enough of
I really think they’re trying to take the

So I’m off mate
to haunt some quiet attic.

This is no place for a self-respecting ghost.

© Oonah V Joslin 2011

It was lovely to meet friends old and new there and to hear their news though, as is always the case, not all the news was lovely. Thanks to everyone who came to that event.

If any of you want to contact me you can find me in FaceBook or leave a message here with your details and I’ll email back (and of course keep your email out of public view). If you want to see me read my work again I am on You Tube at Take Ten at the Cumberland Arms and hopefully will be again sometime.