It can’t be!
It is… ANNOUNCEMNT TIME – that time of year again when Micro Horror invites you to take part in the Hallowe’en Competition. This year once more I am helping Nathan to judge that contest and I’m aided by good friend, poet and Micro Horror reader, Jennifer Stakes. We’re looking forward to reading you stories. To find out more follow this LINK

My friend Amanda Baker is doing a charity show in Morpeth on the 4th
Please come along if you live close enough.
Also on this month, I’ll be reading at the Library in Morpeth on the 25th, helping with a book launch (of which more anon.)

I’ll be in Every Day Ficiton this month with a story called “Hidden Communication,” and at Bewildering Stories, Hallowe’en week with a little Sci-Fi, “The Last Syllable of Recorded Time”.
At EDP we have great month of poetry for you too so please do subscribe (free) for your daily dose. Also I have an explication of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The City in the Sea” (for those of you who’d like to know just what gives me the brass neck to be editor of a poetry magazine, the least I can do is show I can write an essay).

I’ve come over all nostalgic at OONAHVERSE because this time last year we were having a wonderful time in Baltimore MD in the company of Nathan Rosen and his wife Jenesta. Go and have a look at the pretty pictures 🙂