My friend Wojciech Jacobson was recently honoured by the town of SZCZECIN in Poland with the title Ambassador of Szczecin for his life-long contribution to the world of seafaring.

Wojciech, a Master Yachtsman is still, in his 80’s, involved in the Yacht Club there, encouraging young people in the sport. His own voyages, seen here on this map, are an impressive legacy.
Woyciech also co-wrote
“My Name is Ludomir” (ISBN 978838402646) with Maciej Krzeptowski, in tribute to their friend, geologist and and fellow yachtsman Ludek Maczka.
It is a fascinating account of the life and voyages of Ludek about whom I wrote a poem also. Ludek’s Dawn.

I met Wojciech, quite by chance, in 2000 when he came to visit his beloved brother Andrej’s (d.6th Nov 1943)

grave here in Morpeth.   WWII had divided that family forever but it seemed in some way that fate had set us up and so we have been in contact ever since and I am so very proud to know this man. The accolade is well deserved. Wojciech is a kind and modest man, full of strength, tenacity, courage and humour.

A true Captain among men.
Congratulations Wojciech