September and a hearty Happy 5th Birthday to Every Day Fiction which is now up and running again after the server problems of last month and I have a story up there on the 14th.  (I’ll place a link on the day.) Mel George’s story will bring a tear to your eye and Sandra Crook is on the 24th. I notice my old Writewords’ pal Sarah Hilary is scheduled too and her stories are always a joy to read.

Don’t forget to look at your daily poem on Every Day Poets where we’re doing another of our Poet Profiles this month with the ever popular Emily Cutler.

I’m also here: with a very short piece.

My friends Jennifer Walmsley and Brian Barnett are also in the September Issue. Nice work you two 🙂

And I’m coming up at Bewildering Stories with a poem Washerwoman. But if you just can’t wait for another poem by me then you can go to the top here and click into the links for A Genie in a Jam or In Bewildering Stories and read rather a lot by me!

I’m here there and everywhere. I was even at the Waddy Mega-slam in Durham and yes I did a spot. Got a decent score. 30 poets in support of the Waddington Street Centre which does good work in supporting people with long term mental health problems. It was madness!

On 14th too this blog will have some information about this fabulous book by Jonathan Pinnock – one of my favourite funny men.

My next bout of madness is due on the 22nd at The Cumberland Arms – Poetry Jack’s TEN by TEN spot. I’m looking forward to that. I hope some of my FB friends can make it there and many of my Northumberland friends too. I’ve been before but not performed there and it’s a lovely way to spend an evening – great atmosphere.

I have an Exclusive Interview for you later this month with the very talented author and performance poet, Amanda Baker. Don’t miss that. I promise you it’s worth a read.

Keep reading and keep writing my friends.