The news of Sue and Hywel Davies’ first grandchild – congrats sweeties 🙂
Swansea’s New Season – Sock it the premiers Swans!
8 years today in this bungalow.
My poem in next week’s Bewildering Stories.
The great British Summer?

Must be getting old! Not only did we not go out for our anniversary, prefering a take-away instead and quiet night in... we opened a bottle of Gewurtztramminer and only drank one glass each and then with our strawberries and cream had champagne, drank two and a half glasses and the rest is still in the fridge – UNHEARD OF!

Now since Buck’s Fizz for breakfast isn’t really our style (we prefer straight orange juice) I have been trawling through the www looking for what to do with left-over champagne – this being a first for me.

Recipes abound. There’s this Pink Champagne Cake that sounds astounding – coconut/egg whites/marshmallows – sounds too gooey for words. On the more doable side there’s a rather nice looking chicken in champagne cream sauce which might just go down tonight. I have all the ingredients – however

I am hoping the Tattinger is still drinkable this evening because champagne is made for drinking, right? and as you see

there’s always something to celebrate if you put your mind to it.

Think of something you could celebrate today and if you can’t just celebrate TODAY.