Dramatic skies is what Northumberland does best!”We had been enjoying very fine weather but as I pointed out to Dorothy, fine weather doesn’t really suit my complexion. Lowering cloud on the other hand and threatening rain  – I can cope with. So it was that we set out after breakfast to do what I’d come to do – walk all the way round the island.
We set of on an anticlockwise heading first towards the castle at the south eastern corner of the island.

The two beacons beyond that boat are on the mainland. The castle begins to loom large to the left. We have to go round to the north side of that.

We’re now round the back of the castle so we’ve left most of the other tourists behind. If you click on these you’ll see more detail. You can see the village way in the distance there. Going north on this coastal path you can go along the coast or past the bird hide to the obelisk at the North east tip of the island – you can see it in the photo on the right – a nice place to sit and watch seals but it was too wet that day to sit and watch anything… That dramatic sky wasn’t joking!

The island is full of ...erm... sheep

and ...erm... stile

and on this occasion hundreds of Six-spot Burnet moths on ragwort and on the wing and lots of lovely grasses.

We made it over the last dunes to the obelisk
but Gandalf the Blue and I were pretty soggy so when we got to the part where you can go to the dunes we turned instead along the wall towards towels and hot tea.

The sun broke through and we had to take our coats off!

These hens lay delicious eggs btw 🙂

A last look back at the obelisk through the flock from Sandham Lane

Nearly there now...

As you can see it’s worth taking a good camera along.

Very close to that cuppa now…

I can smell those scones