Known as Holy Island since the 12th Century – Lindisfarne is part of the Farne Island group in North East Northumberland and it is a very special place for me. We went there for my birthday to stay with a dear friend, Dorothy, at Castle View. I always think of Castle View as a sanctuary and it was lovely to meet Anglican Sisters Sylvia and Marie from the Wirral there and a couple of Dorothy’s other friends. I always feel so at home in that house – Dorothy and John made it a home for all who came to their door and Dorothy still does though it’s not really a business any more these days. Dorothy’s lunches and scones taste as good as ever they did 🙂

And then there’s

a room

with a view

and what a view!

Out there by the harbour as you walk to the castle you can hear seals on the sandbanks sounding like lost souls. As the tide comes  in, the day trippers have to leave it becomes an island. That is my favourite time…

The village boasts many fine views and picturesque buildings

and flowers. The hot weather had just broken and the evening air was scented.

We’d booked a table at The Manor Hotel(right) for 7pm. And Dorothy came too.
and so I was officially 57!Another birthday and the best of all presents – being on the Island in the company of  two of the best people in the world.