My birthday of course on the 5th and this up at Static Movement Coup de Foudre It’s appropriate to our rainy season 😉  Two hot days and a thunder storm as they say – though so far – fingers crossed, it’s been lovely!

If you want a real taste of summer try carrot and coriander soup (a bowl of sunshine!) and my rose ice-cream with chocolate sauce to die for.

Scrape a pound and a half of carrots and cut them into rough chunks (that’s about 750 grams but it’s not critical – more carrots, thicker soup…) Chop or process two medium onions and two cloves of garlic. Soften the onions and garlic in about an ounce of butter (a couple of teasps.) then add the carrots and one and a half pints of water along with one or two vegetable stockcubes (I use Knorr as it’s less salty). Bring to the boil and simmer until the carrots are soft enough for the blender/mashable. Blend or mash the carrots along with 3tbs orange juice or to taste. This sweetens the soup so it’s a bit experimental… Just keep tasting it. Put back in the pot. Now add two small bunches of coriander leaf some black pepper and some nutmeg to taste. Reheat but do not boil as the leaf will go bitter.  Serve with crusty rolls.

My rose icecream is really simple. You just get clotted cream and whipping cream (the proportions are up to you but I like it CREAMY) and whisk them together with caster sugar (about 1 dessert spoon to 500mls or to your own taste) a pinch of salt and 4 tbs rosewater (you may want to taste that and add more – depends how rosy you like it). If you want you can add pink colouring. You put it in a (shallow) plastic box and place it in the freezer for an hour. Take out and stir the outsides towards the center. Freeze again and repeat the stirring about 3 or 4 times – it prevents ice crystals from forming. You need to remove it from the freezer 15 – 20 mins (depends how hot it is where you are) before serving as homemade ice cream is much harder than commercial brands.

Chocolate sauce to die for is made with cocoa powder and it’s very quick. 75g/3oz each of caster sugar, soft brown sugar and cocoa pdr. half a pint of milk. 1 oz 25g butter and a few drops of vanilla extract. Put it all in one saucepan, bring to the boil stirring and then boil for 2 mins briskly without stirring. If you want a fudgy sauce boil some more. I like it fudgy but I usually only make half a recipe because it’s so rich. It keeps well for days – up to a week really… I serve it beside not on the icecream or drizzle the plate with it and put a couple of strawberries on the side or some reaspberries and some fruit coulis made from that fruit and sugar – very easy to do.