I was so delighted today that Catherine Edmunds, one of our Every Day Poets Competition Winners, could make it to Northumberland H.Q. for lunch. Catherine is multi-talented, a freelance artist, poet, novelist and musician and I was vastly happy to welcome her to this somewhat humble EDP Office.

Catherine got to be Editor for the 4th July and here she is in THE BIG CHAIR 🙂 where she put up the poem for that day and had a guided tour of the bits most people don’t ever see – getting a poem from admin to page.
I was also thrilled to hear Catherine read her winning entry Something Unchancy which will be published in the first week of July. As you see Poet Amanda Baker was also impressed by that winning entry. I wish you could all have heard that – there’s an idea PING!

Catherine Edmunds and Amanda Baker at EDP H.Q.

Well Catherine had earned her lunch so it was Amanda’s turn. In her case I put her to work in the kitchen

Amanda - Baker 😉

baking bread to go with the carrot, orange and coriander soup… Amanda said she couldn’t make bread – she can now!

The three of us covered all sorts of topics over lunch (I’ll put the recipes up at some stage and link to them) but you know time was too short! I always find that. All the things I want to ask go right out of my head 😦 I’m glad we have an interview with Catherine on the day…
Catherine received her little handmade winners booklet and she was delighted with Constance Brewer’s excellent illustration for her poem. Each of the winners received a little handmade booklet, each one unique but it was so nice to hand one over in person – the rest were posted.
Many thanks to Amanda and Catherine for a lovely afternoon. I really enjoyed your company. Let’s do it again one day…