Competition judge and fellow editor Constance Brewer announced the winners of our first EDP Competition today. I had nothing to do with the judging – indeed I didn’t even read all the entries but I was delighted with the winning poems.

As it happened Jody Costa whom I met in Baltimore last September wrote one of the winning poems

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is me with Jody and Nathan Rosen of MicroHorror 🙂 

and I’m excited to be meeting another winner Catherine Edmunds who is coming to take lunch at EDP H.Q. U.K. on Monday 27th June 🙂 Catherine just happens to live just close enough to make the trip.

I think that meeting fellow writers is one of the great privileges of being an editor – it’s just such a joy to bring their work to you all, so to meet face to face is very special! I wish we could all meet ay H.Q. here but who knows… One Day.

I’ll post a photo on Monday evening.

Congratulations then to:

Jody Costa, Rewa Zeinati, Theodore E. Hovey, A.S. Andrews, Catherine Edmunds, Kip Hanson and Mandy Pannett

and Thank you.