This was the first of what I hope we will become a regular writer’s event and it went very well. We read our poems, we listened and we all wrote two poems together which you can see here on the FB page.

As you see from the work on the walls in these photographs there are some very good Northumberland artists as well and all this work is FOR SALE at the Art’s and Community Centre in Newbiggin. The orange blob in the middle of this photo you may recognise… I will have to rely on Michael Brett, who organised the event, seen here listening to Pat read her superbly amusing work, to fill in most of the names BUT I know Pat because, well as she pointed out to us, everyone around here knows Pat 😉

Anyone who was there is welcome to copy these photos. Michael might want to keep and album of Northumbrian Poets – for posterity you know, Michael? For the Woodhorn Museum 🙂

I hope my poetry is better than my photography… Still I try – that’s the main thing.

Pity I didn’t get one of Vernon. Vernon was FUNNY 🙂 Oh there he is sitting in the audience – just below the clock.

Thanks to everyone for such a pleasant evening.