A sequel to The Strange Disappearance of Simon Soght is up now at Micro Horror – YIP Simon has made a come-back here

And here are some random reads – I’ll add one a day until the end of May. All things that have faded from memory and deserve to be brought back… like Simon there.

With a Name like That you Should be a Writer

5 poems in The Ranfurly Review (pg 57 >)

Still Hope for Haiti – a poem on my blog

Winter’s Last Breath

Marrying Maud for Esme 🙂 I wrote this for my sister’s birthday and it’s her birthday today 24th May, so I thought I’d give it an airing.

Pure Research A slight question about purity of motive though hangs over this tale 😉

Techocologically Speaking I know a little more about chocolate cake than computers – but not much more! as I don’t really like chocolate. So this one is a converstion I imagined having with my p c in the light of those two facts.