Belsay is one of my favourite places because it’s not just a house, not just a castle, not just a garden, not just a quarry garden but a woodland walk as well.

From the Winter Garden you get a view across the Haha that leads the eye out into farmland and woods.

To lake and leat where the water wheel used to be:

The path leads up into the woods above the lake to where it meets farmland

You don’t need to be super fit but it’s obviously not suitable for young children or people with mobiltiy problems.

At this point the walk turns back on itself in this loop to the right and skirts high farmland where cheviot sheep graze. Thay are black faced with ‘drop handlebar’ horns and they are the prettiest sheep ever – especially the little rough coated shaggy lambs.

But the climb is not quite done. There some more steps along the higher path.

View to the right
and to the left>

The descent back to the lake is surprisingly gentle.

and once again you are within sight of the lake and then back over the leat to Belsay Hall. This leisurely walk takes one hour.

Belsay Hall and Gardens are in the safe keeping of English Heritage and are under constant and much needed restoration and conservation.