This week the end of my Armchair Observatory in Bewildering Stories coincided with the 5oth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s two and a half minutes as the first man in space – so altogether space is quite a theme this month.

I am a child of space. It has provided inspiration all my life, fired my imagination and rocketed me to places I might not have explored had I not looked up, looked out, looked back in time and wondered.

So for those of you who’d like to know how my Armchair Observations came about, I’ve written a brief motivation of each poem in the series here

Also at Bewildering Stories this week there is a discussion – What is Poetry? between John Stocks and myself which I hope you will enjoy. It covers quite a bit of ground so I won’t try to paraphrase but I will place the link to this on Monday.

And in print – Static Poetry II is out and is on sale here I have 4 poems in this anthology: The Choice, Sonnet on Ice, Chicken Soup and Cereally Unsociable.