I can honestly say that I never imagined in my life launching a poetry anthology as editor of a magazine and yet on the 7th April, that’s exactly how I spent the evening; amongst fellow writers and friends, sharing poetry form Every Day Poets’  first anthology, a glass or two of wine and some very nice carrot cake if I say so myself 😉

Pat Clark very kindly hosted the event for us. Pat is a member of Inhouse Writers who meet once a week in Morpeth. Other members of the group

Ros Teasdale, Doris Graham and Carlotta Johnson

chose poems from the anthology to read out, two by James Graham, one each from Indian poets Fehmida Zakeer, Rumjhum Biswas and Anuradha Vijaykrishnan, Ron Lavalette’s lovely Christmas poem and How we Break by Stephanie Manning from Australia gives just a hint of the international flavour of this event. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as the US were all represented in those present. Poeple from all over the place reading poets from all over the place – just as it should be.

We didn’t all know each other. We were there because of poetry. It really can bring people together.

As an editor, I couldn’t be more proud of the body of work represented in this volume. We have already selected most of the poems for Every Day Poets TWO and I am busily sending emails to those who will have their work included.

Congratulations to all our poets. A big thank you to all our readers and a special thank you to those who made this launch such a happy event.