I was really happy to be in EDF again in February 🙂 Thanks to all the lovely people who commented on that story I’m not there in March but I am around in other sites and so I hope you’ll go and have a read and comment here or there. So here are some links and a random read or two from the past I hope you will enjoy.


Non Fiction:
When Poets Meet John Stocks, a poet from Sheffield and I first met in the pages of Bewildering Stories but we’d never met in real life until Feb 18th 2011. Don and Bill at BwS wanted to know all about it so I wrote this. And there’s a photo 🙂

What is Poetry? This is a discussion between John Stocks and myself scheduled at Bewildering Stories in a few week’s time. Editor Don Webb said:

I don’t know what I expected !  But what you and John have sent certainly exceeds anything I could have expected.
The Discussion is on the schedule for quarter-ending issue 423.  And you may rest assured that I will select it as one of the Departments in 1st Quarterly Review, due up in the following week.

Thank you Don 🙂 Look out for that one folks.

25th March “Drawing the Line” is up at The Linnet’s Wings. This one is Memoir but at this distance from the events memory is necessarily spotty. The events are true and the spirit of the piece is as I felt at the time.

A Fridgeful of Insults is a tongue in cheek look at that diet I never seem to start so I wrote a ficticious excuse – for fun.
Although The Strange Disappearance of Simon Soght went up in February it is my March contribution to MicroHorror and so I put it here. I like that one 🙂 It was suggested by a drive thru we went to with Nathan on the way home from DC. I’d never been in a drive thru before – we didn’t have burgers so we were fine 😉
A Restrained Kind of Love is up in the Tapas section of Doorknobs and Bodypaints – they set the theme and challenges so this was written to go with the theme of love and the title was the prompt. I like writing to a challenge.

Stick Dressing is a poem for my friend Bet who had a hip replacement and now has a limp. She carves tops for canes and has won awards but she never uses a walking stick!

Armchair Observations is a series of poems based on an entire week of NASA Pictures of the Day (and each one has a link to its picture beside it so you can see my muse and each also has a drop down menu that will eventually lead to all the others as they come up). I really did write a poem every day that week – no matter what the picture was and of course they were edited afterwards but they are pretty much as they were written! It was amazing how they fitted together thematically and in terms of imagery. I’d be interested in any feedback I get on these.

5th Dec
6th Dec
7th Dec
8th Dec
9th Dec
10th Dec
11th Dec

Random Reads:


Com’allye for St Patrick’s Day 🙂

Death of a Modem Driver a humorous poem

Spring’s Spell pg 40 on this link

When Worlds Collide essay about e-zines