As I see it, Cameron’s Big Society has taken on its true meaning. Thatcher said that society didn’t exist. He proclaims that a multi-racial society doesn’t work.
Where there are people there is a society. That society can either be supportive or dysfunctional but it’s there.

We live in a multicultural society. That is a fact. We cannot go back to the primordial soup whence we spawned and illiminate difference and why would we when diversity is the true wealth of the human race? Either we make this society a supportive environment in which to live or we turn it into a witch hunt that breeds distrust and enmity, people snooping around; people fearful of their neighbour’s legitimate every day movements. Segregation of any kind, along religious, racial or sexual line, creates and reinforces enmity. We need to live together. We MUST live together or we all go down together.

We need to teach our children to live together. It is devisive for them to imbibe messages such as this spoken from the (so called) top. It is devisive and wrong that they be encouraged in an attitude of suspicion, greed and agression instead of co-operation. For it is only by co-operation that mankind can survive.

Mr Cameron has dubbed this attitude ‘Liberal’ so that, when the mayhem caused by it is in its fullness, he can divorce himself from it and pretend that this was a liberal and not an conservative attitude. Isn’t it time the liberal party divorce themselves from Cameron and his machinations which are just as damaging to them as they are to society?

Con, con, con is all he knows.
Pardon my French…