Two mysteries of a photogrphic nature have taken my attention this week.

A gentleman contacted me on FB saying that I was ‘drop down dead gorgeous,’ and he would really like to get to know me. I wondered whether his guide dog had told him that (all dogs like me) or whether in fact he was looking at the same photo I was…or he thought – there’s a gal that can cook… Or maybe he was just plain barking!
Then of course the answer came to me… He must be refering to that golden pint of Oktoberfest in my mitt 🙂 A man of good taste therefore, I’d say, wouldn’t you?

The second instance is kinda spooky. You take a photograph in a graveyard on a day when it’s snowing and there is little light and not in the direction of the scene. (Yeah I know – who’d want to sneak about taking photos in graveyards in the snow anyway, kinda…) You come home and there on the photo is ‘an orb’. A spirit perhaps? Someone else who wants to get to know me? Then I remembered Techniquest in Cardiff. I used to take classes of students there all the time in the 80s.

Take one projector with 16 mm film running and one white wand. Stand a certain distance in front of the film and wave the wand up and down like crazy. When you get tot eh correct distance and shutter speed, the film will project onto the flickering wand.

So what do we have here? Flickering snow and a sudden flash or a ghost? The snow must have been falling at just the right speed to act as a screen for that flash. At least…I hope so but I’ll take a look next time just to be sure right?