I was having a little trouble with the 31 day photo challenge I saw posted on FB.

Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the craziest things with Huh?

I don’t mean the grammar although one could take issue with that. It was just that in my opinion, I never do crazy things. But you know how it is when you’re on the edge of sleeping  –  the craziest things come into your head…

 Well I thought of a day that most people might consider fairly loopy and it happened not long ago so…

let me tell you about the 5th October 2010.

 Baltimore MD. Nathan Rosen picked me up at the hotel at 9am. My husband decided he didn’t want to make this particular trip as it was rather a long way to Philadelphia by car (it’s around three hours trip) so we set off just the two of us.

First, Nathan treated me to a CD of horror stories by Michael A. Arnzen. My favourite was about a chicken “Domestic Fowl” and that is one wild story!!! Get the book and read it! Nathan gave me this copy so that too now comes under prized possessions – Thanks Nate.

The rest of the way there we sang-along (very loudly) to the entire Rocky Horror Show. Nathan and I can both make a fair noise when we get into our stride – it was some show folks 🙂

And what was so important we drive all the way to Philadelphia? The Mutter Museum of course! It houses a collection of diseases, pathologies, deformities and injuries next to none – the oldest medical museum in the USA and certinly one of the most disturbing museums you could ever wish to see.

I have to say that I found it one of the most interesting and saddest places I’ve ever visited – so redolent with the vast panoply of human suffering. These are real stories – Harry Eastlake who was a normal child ’til the age of 7 and then a rare genetic order took hold and Harry’s fate was sealed and there he is and there but for the grace of God… Who could see such a story and not feel his pain? These are not exhibits. Real people. Real lives.

We spent 4 hours looking round the two floors of The Royal College of Physicians of Philadelphia, reading everything, viewing everything, taking in as much as we could… And we were very quiet, Nathan and I.

Everyone was very quiet.

Afterwards we went for a cheese steak, called in a bookshop, listened to The Bonzo Dog Band on the way back, chatting… It was a twelve hour day and it is one of those precious memories I’ll never forget – seeing those things together, sharing that experience.

Thank you for the day, Nathan. Thank you for spending it with me.