If you have 8 hours to spare why not spend them as we did at this amazing place? You don’t need to spend 8 hours there of course but there’s so much to see and learn there that it’s worth while and you won’t notice the time pass. I wish I’d taken a notebook with me! I had my camera though…
There’s something I find so hauntingly beautiful about Jellyfish that it’s easy to forget they have a nasty sting unless of course you have been stung and Jenesta has! Hence the look of distaste on that lovely face!

Try as a I might I couldn’t always see anything in these habitats but had a Narnian Marshwiggle suddenly appeared in the corner of this one, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised 😉 Lovely 🙂

We were high enough up now to see the wrays from above and as you see this is an impressive structure!

I love seahorses! The males give birth you know 😉 and I promise you if you look hard you will see fishes in these colourful reefs.
It’s mostly fish but there are other things to see and this was my husband’s favourite – not the handler – the snake!

They come in Stripey

<Long nosed

long necked turtle neck

and down-right scarey

He was posing – he really was! Totally stage-struck!

And so to the Austrailia habitat and my next post.

Looking out from 'Australia' to Chesapeake Bay