That’s the title of my latest published poem at Bewildering Stories and it’s all about water and how precious and vital that substance is – literally vital – in that it gives us life.

It was also the subject of a 4D film ( go and find out 😉 ) at The National Aquarium in Baltimore and it is their abiding theme – to make people realise that two thirds of this planet we live on is water and the life therein must be conserved. I watched the dolphin show in awe – I wasn’t sure I agreed with dolphin shows but they seemed to enjoy it and it certainly puts over the message. No one on seeing these animals perform could ever be indifferent to their fate. But the Aquarium emphasises that it’s not just the cute or intelligent that need our protection.  We need all these creatures. If they go – we’re next!

I have mentioned before that in Baltimore they have done a great job of redeveloping the harbour areas of Chesapeake Bay but behind the scenes there is a whole programme of getting the blue crab population back up from the 2% of the historical population it currently stands at.

Pollution is our enemy – not each other. If we can get things to balance, live in harmony with nature and with each ohter, co-operate instead of scompeting, everything is possible. If I didn’t believe that, I’d just lie down and die.

So make it your business this year to do something, to be part of the solution not part of the problem in some small way but every day. For life on Earth – not just mankind but all life on Earth.

More pics from the National Aquarium to follow