I was – not watching – that’s too strong a word – vaguely aware of the opening to a film on TV the other night, “Failure to Launch”; a rather grandiose title I thought for a standard McConnaghy show of teeth and pecs but almost immediately I was struck by a moment of interest. That’s Baltimore! said my spouse and I in unison as we remembered our walk a few weeks ago down from Mount Vernon, past St Paul’s and on towards the hexagonal World Trade building on Pratt Street.

Later in the film, Matthew McConnaghy is filmed in two locations of the National Aquarium (which is an amazing place for locations in itself) notably the sharks’ section (bet that shark thought he was looking in a mirror) and The Australia exhibition (in the rock climbing scene).
 Next the director needed and if boats is what you need then there are certainly plenty of those all around Chesapeake Bay. In fact there’s plenty of everything  in Baltimore, whether you want cobbled streets, like in Fell’s Point leafy suburbs or impressive churches, (this is First Methodist as seen in Sleepless in Seattle) parks and monuments Baltimore is the very essence of high rise romance and old style elegance
No wonder then that there have been so many films shot in ‘Charm City

Baltimore just loves to put on some slap, dress in style and pretend to be some somewhereelse 🙂 Only thing is, I can’t think of a nicer place to be!