At the Constellation Box Office you can buy a single ticket to 4 ships docked along the Harbours – the Chesapeake, The Torsk submarine and US Coast Guard Cutter, The Taney which is as you see, the last survior of Pearl Harbour. Now we only went aboard two or the four and I’d issue a caveate about this one. Don’t wear a skirt! and if you don’t like the look of these steps

   or these

Then this may not be the best experience for you
HOWEVER fools rush in and nobody warned me and I am now glad to have visited this receptacle of so much history.

visuals and doorways to the past.

This is a vessel built along utilitarian lines and it is difficult to escape the harshness of her lines but seeing and listening to people who were at Pearl Harbour within this ship is an unforgetable experience and there is no doubt about the pride and affection in which she is held by those who served aboard her – or their bravery.

She’s hugely impressive – I meant the SHIP!

As well as being a ship of war, her service at Pearl Harbour and downing 4 Kamikazes at the Battle of Okinawa, 1945, Taney has also served as a coast guard rescue vessel and law inforcement ship, seizing drugs’ traffic – 160 tons of marijuana in one bust!

 She started life in 1936 and was decomissioned in Baltimore in 1986 after along and illustrious career and now resides at Pier 5 in the heart of Baltimore.

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