The lessons of history are stark and sometimes cruel. 



 I was reminded of this every day in Baltimore.  Our hotel was right by the Katyn Monument.



This impressive piece of art grew from such cruel beginnings – as art is wont to do.  The Katyn Massacre of 1940 – one of the many shameful episodes perpetrated in the name of patriotism. 

It is visible from the Harbour.

Some battles must be fought. Others are created by stupid and wicked individuals. We must each decide in every case whether a cause is worth dying for – whether anything can justify killing.  Whether we agree with the fight.

We also visited the Korean War memorial at Canton.  It too is by the harbour.

 Now, I am of the opinion that most of the conflicts going on in the world today could be solved by the political will to make the world a more equitable place – if money was no longer the driving force and the survival of mankind as a species, the betterment of all, the healing of this planet, came first.

I am rather too Star Trek, I know but I must believe that such things are possible or I would despair of life. 

Every year I visit the grave of Polish Soldier Andrew Jacobson, who died of T B in this far flung town in England and whose family were unable to visit his grave for so many decades – separated by the Iron Curtain, his homeland still not free…  and I leave a tribute there for them, for him, in gratitude to an entire family that paid the price.  It should not be forgotten.

I will remember them.

From The Vaults The Brave