I’m just uploading these for the views – little comment – just fillers.

Didn’t actually eat here. I will be recommending eateries in a separate posting but somehow rock music doesn’t sit well with my digestion. I like rock music, just not with my pulled pork or whatever 😉

This one isn’t the best holiday snap but there’s a lot of Baltimore here. On the left through the gap, the distinctive tower of the Bank of America which is just the other side of the Inner Harbour. Next to it two dimensionally speaking is Baltimore’s World Trade Centre which is the tallest hexagonal building in the world – I didn’t know there were any – there you go! The pointy looking glass structure is the magnificent National Aquarium right by the harbour too and of which lots more anon. The 4 chimneys to the right shwo the back of Barnes and Noble’s book shop which is in fact very close to the aquarium.

You wouldn’t see all these landmark building together had I not been snap happy as we walked from the hotel to Little Italy just round the corner to buy some HUGE buns 😉