…the Ghost pub walk at Fell’s Point.
It all began when we met on Broadway under the sign of the skeleton.

when suddenly a giant spider appeared over the edge of the building…  Now for someone who is married to Nathan, Jenesta is not fond of scary things ( I didn’t mean that the way it sounds – but on the other hand… 😉 )
Jenesta wasn’t scared!
Kat, our guide, a charming and – personable young lady, bade us all follow her

‘Not a problem!’ said my spouse.
and so we followed Kat like quiet mice
from public house to public house (it’s assonance!)
listening to her tales of ghostly juke boxes
no hoaxes
all genuinely SPOOKY occurences, Fell
in their own right. Well –
I don’t need to tell
you – there was a skeptic or two in the ranks

The owners kept to their crypt or be those orbs I see where no light was?
It was really strange though that when I loaded this photo to file, a flash went off! REALLY! as if from my computer screen – but I dare say that is by the bye…. no spectral figures at the windows here

The only spirits that we saw was BEER 🙂

Nothing wrong with that!  Quoth the raven

echoing his master’s voice at The Horse You Came In On and this on the anniversary of the great man’s burial in this very city…SPOOKY eh? Which had followed his being found outside this very pub Ohhhh shiver! Spookier still was the fact that we walked into a pub and there was JODY COSTA! with no pre-arrangement we met again and she and Nathan met too 🙂 which I couldn’t have planned! SPOOKY 🙂 but nice and then just outside, was Jenesta’s brother with two of his friends!!! Unplanned again!
and so we all ahd dinner at DUDA’s and believe me if you get a chance to do dinner at Duda’s DO!  (Okay – sorry)  I had the chilli but fries with Old Bay… Mmmmm and they do this peanut and chocolate dessert… enough! I’m drooling onto the keyboard!

Baltimore Ghost Crawl?  GREAT FUN! Wish I was there for Hallowe’en!

There's always ONE!