The Science Center in Baltimore is a fascinating place to visit.

Not to be missed is the Planetarium show and the mind blowing 3D HUBBLE presentation! See astronauts suit-up, take-off… satelite launches and detailed repairs, spacewalks above our little globe and some of the vast reaches photographed by Hubble ALL IN 3D! I can’t tell you what a thrill that show is but if that was the only thing I’d done in Baltimore (apart from meeting the wonderful Nathan Rosen) it would still have been worth the 8 hour flight – and I hate planes!!!

I was reminded of one of my poems: The Mission.

They have Science on a Sphere and lots of interactive and fun things to experience whether you are 8 or 80! I’m six and a half but I still enjoyed it. I measured my height…’You are eleven foot four!’ said the voice… ‘Only joking, you’re four foot eleven!’ Interactive machines with a sense of humour huh?!


                                                           Oh really not fair!

I made Nathan lie on the bed of nails 🙂

Jenesta and he put me in the hurricane tube! 78 mph winds – and watched gleefully

 as the air was sucked out of my poor wee lungs 😉



No use, Noel - that machine knows you're not 6 ft tall 😦


 Noel tried to make himself as TALL as possible




weather is fun



   You can even play with the steam 🙂


interesting from all angles

how a volcano works


this toad has been hibernating for 18 monthAnd there are revealed, hidden wonders of the deep – recovered treasure salvaged from the depths  and you can have a go at operating the grab!                

And for a limited period only there be PIRATES!      The fellow on the left there with the fine beard hath a familiar aspect…as doth his wench!  And in fact the Pirate’s Exhibition is being graced by Pirates for Sail on this Hallowe’en weekend (Oct 30th 2010) Welsh Pirates?    Well there be LOTS more!  To explore There’s just something about real gold…make a pirate’s fingers itch  

or a slavager’s – or a historians

So wake up your sense of wonder


deceased pirates

Go along and see what there is to see – and more than you could ever have imagined at The Science Center Baltimore!  The Universe at your fingertips…  What more could you ask for?