Excellent Pirate Groups inhabit the harbours, bars and taverns of Baltimore and D.C.
Pirates Royale who’s harmonies can bring a tear to the ear of the hardiest land lubber – winners of Renfest 2009 AND you were wonderful this year guys!
and Pirates for Sail who can spring tears of laughter in the eye and entertain the youngest to the oldest and who have the great good fortune to have among their number the very talented and superb baritone – MR microhorror himselfta ta-ta-tata ta DA!NATHAN ROSEN who used to be ‘a pirate with all of his parts’ but recently lost an appendix – don’t worry Black Dog Nate – it’s when you start to lose the plot, then entire chapters you have to worry 😦
No I’m not overdoing it – he has a fine powerful effortless singing voice and you can judge for yourself by following the link and preferably buying a CD ‘cos otherwise ye’ll have to walk the plank! Disagree and I’ll serve your giblets to the fishies Ah-hargh! You can have them perform live for you at The Piratz Tavern whilst you cook your own steak on a stone YUM!


Pirates for Sail


Some of them are even at sea Urban Pirates and will teach you the chanties if not the ropes 😉

Black Dog Nate/Mr Microhorror/Nathan Rosen

 On the right here, Dog! Dog and Nate is Black Dog? You Pirates all the look the same to me…

Jen and Fred

Unfortunately Jenesta who is also in the group was not feeling well that night but Jennifer Stakes and her lovely husband Fred joined us and those were two more internet friends I’d never met before but hope to meet again.

This pirate has seen a little too much grog – or is that just me 😉

Every bit the PIRATE Black Dog Nate sings his heart out – Thank you Nathan 🙂