Brrrrrrrrrr! 8 degrees at noon today! 😦

Last week in the green wood somewhere near Anapolis  good Sir Robin here bade vistors all welcome to the Rennaisance Festival with a

Hey nonnie-no and a be of good cheere
Pray purchase thy ticket to merriment here! (but forget not where thou hast parked thy car!) Sensible chappy that Robin 😉 

So this is where people come to ‘hang’

and there are always those who take it too literally and threaten to frighten the horses!

She ‘moosed’ have had help when she put that dress on!

and did they get a pint of Oktober Fest for climbing the wall or was it the other way round?

Needless to say it was compulsorye to sample the local ales…

and bird. Jenesta didn’t look terriblye impressed with ye curly fries but I thought they were good and the steak on a stick was finger licKinG

Master of MicroHorror and Pirate supreme (imho) Nathan Rosen, seemed content with the giant turkey leg and when he’d finished there wasn’t much left as you see 😉 

          I’m only letting you do this because I like you!

I know Jenesta, Thank you X

The weather was as predicted – these medieval forecasting stones are really good!

it was a really mind blowing experience

I agreed entirely with the sentiment on this tombstone!  (I’d rather be here than Newcastle…  ) Too bad!  I’m back!

Brrrrrrrrrr! 8 degrees at noon today!