I hoped we had a view

‘Welcome to Ballamore – it’s 92 degrees – wha’d’ya do?’ said the airline steward at 9 pm 22nd September.  It was dark.  It was hot!  We got to the hotel and turned the air-con way down.

You know how it is…  You’ve prebooked.  What’s it really going to be like this home from home for the next three weeks?  Well you see the corner section of the building there to the right?  That’ what it’s going to be like and with that view in between.  At night the harbour lights gleam all the way over to The USS Constellation and the Bank of America…  Hey it wasn’t Morpeth but someone had to do it.  This as it turned out was Harbour Eaststop 7 on the Water Taxi Route and it was our ‘home’ stop.

The Water Taxi is just one of Baltimore’s brilliant travel options because you know there’s nothing better than messing about in boats and they put a little stamp on your arm so $10 rides the taxi all day around the Inner Harbour.  If you want to get inland and see the city, The Charm City Circulator is a FREE bus service running east/west and north/south to all the main attractions and the Tour Bus will give you a history lesson, restaurant tips, the shape of things to come attraction wise and a glimpse of Fort McHenry – of which more later!

Can’t find one of the free bus but I will!  They intend to add a new route next year too and expand the service – great idea! And they are encouraging school children to get to know the system so it will be used more extensively in the future – another good idea in this age where transport has become such an issue for fuel consumption and congestion.

Anyhow we found that Baltimore was easy to get around and there were plenty of taxis about always with drivers keen to help and quote you a fair. 

I just have to mention Wanda.  Wanda took Noel to Towson (there’s a pipe shop there) and she’s a character – she’s a BIG lady with BIG views and she likes to talk 🙂 ‘an’ she gonna tell you ’bout Blayer an’ Bush! an’ how they take care of rich people, rob the middle and don’t give a damn ’bout the poor! and Cameron, he just the sayme!  Would you look at that? What’s he doin drivin that way? HONK  I think I’ll just execute a U-turn! Oh he would have to stop there!  Way to go Wanda!!!