We promised ourselves a holiday for our 30th Anniversary but we didn’t know where.  Suddenly I had the bright idea of visiting my good friend Nathan Rosen of Micro Horror and he lives in Baltimore, Maryland.  

WriteWords pal Jennifer Stakes lives near DC and one of our EDP poet’s Jody Costa also lives in Baltimore and I hope they’ll have time for coffee at least.   

Now, I hate to fly and before I started writing nothing would have induced me to make this trip but there are some things it’s worth putting your discomfort aside for and one of those things, in my book, is friendship.  How’d that happen?  Life is full of surprises!

Nathan has some ‘cool’ stuff planned – The Rennaisance Festival, Catacombs, the Poe House, a trip to The Mutter Museum…  Well if you’re going to meet a king of Horror, it’s only to be expected he’ll think up a little something to scare you witless.  Oh, and he’s going to make me eat crab.  I know some of you won’t find that too horrific but – trust me…  This is the ultimate punishment for winning three competitions in a row. 

Of course I’m also looking forward to THIS YEAR’S COMPETITION.  Watch out for Nathan’s announcement in Micro Horror on October 1st 🙂 and if you are a writer, give it a go!  It’s the best fun!!  And don’t worry – I can’t win this year 😉

This is going to be GREAT.  Nathan, Jenesta – can’t wait X