I’m always delighted when someone takes the trouble to tell me they like something I’ve written.  Last week a neighbour told me how much she was enjoying A Genie in a Jam and I smiled all day.


Yesterday I had a lovely note from Byron Miller regarding Escaping Heat saying:

Nice piece Oonah.  I love the kindness that shines through it.
I do part-time maintenance at an old folks home named Cerwydden Care Centre.  (Remember my, “A Facility for Extended Care” ?)
At the south-facing front of the building, we have a lovely patio area with a flower garden, a fish pond and shaded seating under portable canvas gazebos.  It is a very pleasant spot for the residents during hot weather.
Your story could have easily been set there.
Isn’t that wonderful?  I just imagined that place.  I saw the old lady sitting there and now somehow she seems more real to me too.  Thank you Byron. 
Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my work.  It’s really appreciated.
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