My little snap shot of how time flies is up now at Every Day Fiction – Moving Times the title carrying a double meaning…

Moving house is always quite a poignant and stressful event.  My poem Leaving Home deals with the same subject.  I think my feelings about this go way back to childhood – my father’s death for one thing… 

I remember being at a seasside bus stop, Portrush I think, and screaming the sky down because we weren’t going home.  We were there on holiday.  I hated holidays – always wanted my own bed 😉  I was probably 6 or 7.

Later on I lived in Portrush in my university days – can’t think of a better place to spend 3 years now than on the Causeway Coast.

Anyway, I’ve done my share of moving since then and this little story incorporates a method for packing and unpacking which the Pickford’s men who did our move from Wales to Northumberland, said was very useful and I have to say it has always served me well for unpacking.

It’s a simple colour code.

You put a little coloured sticker on every piece of furniture and every box you pack and give the movers either a plan of the house with the stickers matched for what room to take the box/item to – or if you don’t have a floor plan, just a list:

Lounge – red

Kitchen – blue

master bedroom – yellow etc etc…

They take the item to the correct room and you don’t have to wonder where everything is.

You also keep a box for you to take with you with items for immediate use – saucepan, casserole dish, 2 cups, tea/coffee, long life milk, spoons knife fork each, butter, pasta, flour, tin of tuna, bread, cheese, rosemary, salt & pepper, mustard…  Ah now you’re wondering…

Well that’s because I always make the same dish on the first night in a new house – Tuna Pasta.  It’s do-able with a hob and microwave oven if things aren’t connected up on time and it’s easy.

Cook the macaroni or penne.  Place in casserole.

Make a cheese sauce with the butter flour mustard milk ect. Snip some rosemary in.  Add the tuna. Season to taste.  Stir into the pasta.  Sprinkle some cheese on top and black pepper.  Place under grill to brown or in oven or microwave convection oven for a few minutes – up to 20…  Have an apple handy for dessert.

A note on Rosemary – it’s easy to grow and to cultivate.  Take a branch from one house to the next with you.  Split it into plants and stick in the ground or in pots at a window and keep watered until it roots

Rosemary planted near a door was suppposed to ward off evil – well I don’t know about that but it looks nice, smells nice & tastes nice so I’ll not argue the point 😉