You know how every wedding has a glich?  We had to drive round the block twice (twice up Constitution Hill) because, being a Tuesday, the organist forgot there was a wedding.  She eventually turned up – in her slippers – and she didn’t have the music ready so I walked the aisle in silence.  Hubert paced it very well.  Felt a bit weird though.  The bride wore a gown of white lace, a broad smile and carried a Bible and Roses.

The Bridesmaid wore claret.  The wind whistled around Terrace Rd United Reformed Church but later the sun shone on the bride 🙂

That cake was most unusual.  The top tier was balanced at an angle on the other three and it wasn’t much decorated.  I thought it absolutely stunning – nice surprise!  Tasted good too 🙂

The reception was at The Water’s Edge Hotel in the Mumbles, Swansea and we stay there the night because we were catching the Balmoral to Ilfracombe the following day.  That is another story.

John Quirk, Noel’s Gran, niece Jackie, Hubert, Jackie’s husband, my bro Stuart, his wife Mary, In the back Rev & Mrs White, then Sheila Allen, my mum and Esme.

Not a large wedding but they lived happily ever after.

Okay they were happy most of the time for the next 30 years – what do you want – a miracle?

It certainly was  lovely dress.  The central panel had tiny pin pleats that came in at the waist and then concertina-ed out.  It felt weighty.  It had a sense of occasion, that dress.

I don’t have it any more – just the photos and memories.