Everything was new!  New dress of course – you’ll see that in a later posting 😉  My brother in law and ‘father of the bride’ paid for it.  It cost £100.  New shoes – high heeled – I didn’t ever wear them again because I never really could get used to high heels.  Everything was new from the skin out but I carried the white Bible that my sister Margaret carried at her wedding with just a broad silk ribbon and red rose buds attached.

My sister made her own dress.  I never saw it until the day, didn’t even know what colour it would be.  And the cake?  I’d no idea what it would be like either.  I told the baker to surprise me.   So he baked a cake he’d always wanted to try but nobody else wanted – that way I got it half price.

Lots of new things and of course a new husband.

Best Man, John Quirk and Noel.

John again with Esme in that gorgeous dress she made.