It wasn’t going to be a large wedding – just family and then only those who could make the trip to Swansea on a week day. 

The 5th August 1980 was a Tuesday but that made it easier to book things and anyway we wanted to get married on the 5th since we were both born on the 5th of a month.  It seemed fitting 🙂

We had two vicars in attendance that day –

In the middle, Rev White and his wife C of E and to the right the Rev Davies, United Reform Church,(his wife to the left)  who performed the ceremony.  He was 80 and didn’t see too well but his wife stood behind him during the service incase he forgot the words – he didn’t!  This was his last wedding. 

He was a WWI veteran and he smoked cigarettes down to where you’d need a pin to take the next puff – like old soldiers used to – as if that would be in fact their final gasp.  I got the impression un-pc though it is now that he thanked the Lord for every cigarette he smoked – a kind of grace – and he had that in spadefuls.

And something else old was my ring which was Noel’s Grandmother’s wedding ring although it hadn’t fitted her for years.  She wanted me to have it -22 carat, plain gold.  I’m wearing it still.  Good thing I had small fingers – it’s tiny!