Well a 30th wedding anniversary is a pretty special occasion after all.  I seldom wear dresses, mostly tops, trousers, skirts.  But I thought of it as a symbolic gesture to buy one for the occcasion and so, after swimming, I decided to browse the shops for sale items.

At East in Morpeth I found a skirt with such colours as I love and asked to try that.  I didn’t think they’d have a dress to fit.  I mean most dresses are a fairly normal shape!  By the same token – most women aren’t!

Anyhow the assistant very kindly pointed out that they had a dress in the same pattern and I was persuaded to try it on.  A few other dresses also appealed but the one I liked best was a pale blue and creamy white cotton day dress – so cool looking on a warm day…

“This one has an inner slip,” she advised.  “They can be a bit tricky to get into.”

Tricky?  The Krypton Factor would have been easier or being the ‘sawed’ lady in a magic show!  I tried every contortion known to woman, nearly put my back out.  I was hotter than when I’d come in the shop and still the damned dress wouldn’t go on.

I eventually did get into it with the assistants help – both of us laughing like drains and guess what?  IT DIDN”T FIT! 🙂

Anyway I did buy a very nice dress in the pattern I originally liked and with no inner slip.  But I got something else as well – this story now at Micro Horror.  With thanks to the girls at East for their good humoured attandance.

Inner Slip