Yesterday I bought a dress for my anniversary dinner, almost 30 years since we were wed.  Today my husband took an early retirement.  I baked a cake and we popped open some champagne and it all goes so fast you know ‘to the last syllable of recorded time’ and one asks what it’s all about and where it goes and how we will be now.  But one thing is clear.  Time is all we have.  It can’t be bought or sold.  It has no monetary value.  But it can be stolen.

It can be stolen by those who put finances first – for they see the lives of ordinary people, of the elderly and the poor as having no value.  And they would give health care and old age care to those with the same opinions as themselves – those who place money above all else – those who can afford it.

Who is to say that your slice of the cake, just because you are not greedy, should be small?  Marie Antoinette – that’s who.  But then she’s a long time  dead and there are no pockets in a shroud.

Time is more valuable than money.  So is love, friendship, honesty, health, – anything of value cannot be bought.  This is surreal – but nice.