I was born in Ballymena which for me always meant Slemish because you can see this extinct volcano plug from the town 8 mles away. And for me it’s always my first sight of home.  The town itself has changed beyond recognition over the 38 years I’ve been away but the Town Hall still looks the same from this angle.  Beyond that point I’m lost.

I used to spend a lot of time at ‘the hip of Slemish’ at McBride’s farm at Aughafatten with my friend Jean and her lovely parents Jim and Mary.  Milk  straight from the cow, still warm, mince and tatties and home made farls.  So of course I took Noel there too.  He had a wee bit of trouble with the language but they all got on rightly!and as you see the kettle was never off the boil.  I had a birthday card from Jean last week 🙂  She never misses!

 This was the time Noel decided to shave off his beard!  I warned him never to do that again and I’m sure you’ll agree this is much better.

Anyway, I am of the firm opinion that men ought to have beards.

(and that reminds me – must have a shave )…  😦