It was that awkard moment when my husband (to be) first met my mother.  They liked each other but you wouldn’t tell from this.

 and we went to the Glens of Antrim naturally because that is without question one of the most spectacualr places in the entire British Isles.

But why don’t you go there and see for yourself.

and then we went down to Dublin

and camped at Brae

with some of my family

Annabelle, Hubert and Esme pictured here.  I’m posting this on July 11th – Hubert’s Birthday.  He’s 76 today.

I think it’s very strange that this skirt and top don’t really look that dated now as everything has gone 70’s retro and I see these little print skirts with lacy bits in the shops!

 and I hope you like that hip chick on the back of the bike.  It was a one piece suit that, water proofed nylon and quite the ‘in thing’ for the biker.

That terrific view is Swansea in South Wales and we were outside Noel’s house – his Gran’s on Pantycelyn Rd.  Breathtaking!