Time for a little more nostalgia I think:

This was the staff at Glyn Derw in Cardiff 1978/9 – Head Teacher Lionel Fanthorpe, Deputy Dai Jones. 

Lionel had replaced Harold Ayre who’d died in his office not long after I started teaching.  He was a kind man and RAF war veteran who’d photographed for reconnaissance and spoke fluent French and German.  I remember him fondly.  In fact I stayed with his wife and him the night before my interview for the job and to be truthful that was the interview more of less – over a whiskey as I recall – not bad as interviews go!

So many faces – Gina Gay there bottom right, Lillian beside me and then Margaret Hughes – married now I suppose… Falmai 3rd row left, Pat Cadwallader, Duncan MacGillvray – where are they now?  Retired for sure many, and some passed on to that great staffroom in the sky I shouldn’t wonder.

 Our amateur dramatics were very amateur and not that dramatic but the experience aged me as you can see 😉

I taught these a French song and they came first at the Sherman Theatre.  I remember the faces but not the names alas.

On the way home that afternoon I said ‘Hello’ to a lady I thought I knew.

‘Hello’ she said and smiled.  

I racked my brain.  Was she a colleague?  How did I know her?

It was Judy Dench! 

Thank you, Dame Judy for saying hello 🙂

These three, the one on the left is Robert, will hunt me down and kill me if they see this 🙂 


They were very good though!



Of which more anon…