I’ve always been a big fan.  I used to sit in the library at school sketching Captain Kirk on my jotter instead of attending to my studies – it’s always the quiet ones!  I was always a Kirk girl – never Spock – too logical! 

These days I’m still a fan.  I have a poster of the Enterprise D in what laughingly passes for ‘my hallway’ plus postcards of all four captains – (nothing against Scot Bakula but ‘Enterprise’ was American Foreign Policy – not Star Trek) and an autographed theatre program from Patrick Stewart in Johnson over Jordan in Leeds.

So of course I’ve often thought – it must have been great to be on that team of writers, thinking up plots, twists, names for entire civilisations – Boldly Going where writers had never gone before ;). 

However, having watched the writers’ point of view on my DVD commentaries – yes I am that sad – led me to take a different view on what it might really be like to try to ‘follow that act.’   Seems it wasn’t all the easy to come up with the goods episode after episode.

Certainly any time I try to write Sci-Fi, I come up against Star Trek and I end up with someting similar to this converstaion going on in my head.  So I thought, ‘What the heck!  Why not write that instead’ 🙂 and so here it is in Bewildering Stories. 

Thank you for publishing it, Don, Bill and the team.

I hope it amuses you too: